Bizzy B
For those who don’t know, Bizzy B’s Brain label was one of the most futuristic in the early days when hardcore was becoming jungle.
              From 92-94 they released some of the best junglistic’ardcore there was. Classics like Darkness, Weekend, Dubplate Wars, 2 Dope ep, and artists like TDK whose TOG sublabel was a peak of amen choppage).

                                                                                        Many of the productions
 on the label are by Bizzy B himself, although this was also the place where artists like Slammin Vinyl's DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer (as DJ Red Alert & Pepsi), Mark Caro (as Plasmic Life), Peshay, Equinox (3) and TDK had their debut releases. 
                          Brain also put out the  releases of  DJ Zinc (in the Swift and Zinc eps). Bizzy also released many a classic on other labels such as Slowjam & DarkIII on Whitehouse, Stamina and Raw       Dogs Relik on Suburban Base and many more. In 2002 he was producing 2-step and Breaks with his Undercover Agents label and still releasing drum’n’bass under “Warped Science” (latest being ‘After F’ on Charge with DJ Fresh on the same ep).
Brian’s eps for us are a new update of the Old Skool sound “New Old School” if you will. Using todays                        production values so it’ll kick in a drum’n’bass set today.