Hybrid Minds feat Alexa Harley          'Phoenix' (Hybrid Music)
  Talented duo Hybrid Minds send another liquid ballad heartwrencher  arrowing out across the skyline with   ‘Phoenix’, the final single to be         released before their full album  drops.
  Dipping, curving and arcing like  birds in a  sunset, those vocals are  some of the finest  we’ve heard on     an emotive d’n’b track.
  If it’s spiralling strings, plaintive       piano droplets and haunting washes  of melody you’re after, start your       2017 here.

                  DUTCH COMPANY PRODUCES ENVIRONMENTALLY                                                              FRIENDLY VINYL
  World may learn a few things from the Netherlands, when it comes to environmentalism. From choosing bikes as th e main choice of transport to vinyl production.
   Thus here is where one producer in Harm, the south of Netherlands, came to the rescue with his environmentally friendly vinyl production process.
Little did we know how harmful to the environment were our vinyl collections... While the usual production process includes using PVC materials. Now these are pretty scary. Considering they are one of todays most commonly used plastics, as Greenpeace reports, their production involves some of the most hazardous synthetic toxic chemicals, including a host of additives to make it useable, such as lead or cadmium (spoiler: Don’t eat your vinyl, kids!).
      Furthermore, we would like to highlight labels that adhere to the issue and produce their vinyl only based on environmentally friendly process. So that soon hopefully soon this becomes the industry standard, thus drop a comment on ones you know, whether on the article page or on our Facebook  article post.


Environmentally Friendy Vinyl

Environmentally Friendy Vinyl

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‘High Contrast Live’ will feature new material from his forthcoming album, alongside classic productions in a state of the art production set-up. Fans can register now for priority access to tickets via .


Makoto Shimizu, more widely known simply as “Makoto”, is a testament to the international scope and power of electronic music.  Born, raised and still based in Tokyo, Makoto was influenced at a young age by a wide variety of music ranging from classical to soul and funk. Upon hearing the soundtrack to The Last Emperor by the academy award-winning composer Ryuichi Sakamoto,  Makoto  was so inspired that he made a life-changing decision – to pursue a career in music.  
As a close friend of the label, we’ve seen many collaborations and releases over the years including his remix of the iconic ‘Rewind’  by London  Elektricity which was full released on ‘The Future Sound Of Tokyo’ in 2007. 10 years later, we’re over the moon to          announce that he has officially joined the Hospital Records family.                                                                                                                                                                                         

 Makoto kicks off the year with his brand new track ‘Speed Of Life’ on our celebratory ‘We Are 21’ compilation as well as his collaboration on ‘Eldervine’ with the legendary Blu Mar Ten.  There is no doubt this year will definitely be another milestone in his prolific and already widely acclaimed career.


Paul Carlin Producer